About - kai raymond

One of the things I've come to realize about photography is that it has taught me to see the world in a more interesting and beautiful way. The language between shapes, shadows, reflections and texture fascinate me regardless if I have my camera.  

A large part of my photography comes from my time commercial fishing in Alaska where I started working with my family as a kid. Long days on the water off the windswept shores of Bristol Bay and Western Alaska began to reveal a different type of landscape. One of ever-changing light and clouds, vivid colors and shades of grey. On the deck of a small fishing boat the vast horizon presents nature on a grand scale and one can't help to feel the majesty of this place. Sea and Sky is composed of images that encompass these thoughts while the Bristol Bay and Boatyard album show the interesting cast of  hard working people that fish these waters every year. 

Studied at the Academy of Art San Francisco

Work and Collaborations:

Grundéns Raingear

National Fisherman

IntraFish Fisheries 

Pacific Fishing Magazine

Arcona Los Angeles


Bristol Bay Alaska Sockeye Salmon

Bristol Bay Times

KDLG Radio

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